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The New Age of Fitness: Infrared Heat – A complete game changer!

Stepping into a properly heated studio full of incredible people and energy can be invigorating and transformational! At FORM 01945, our infrared workouts aren’t your run-of-the-mill routines. They’re carefully crafted experiences put together by expert coaches.

Why Infrared Heat?

  • Accelerated Weight Loss: Shed those extra pounds faster than you can say “infrared.” One of the reasons this type of exercise is so effective at reducing cellulite is that it boosts circulation and warms up the body’s tissues. This assists in dissolving fat cells. Infrared heat deploys heat waves that seep deep into the body, targeting and dispersing fatty accumulations beneath the skin’s surface.
  • Defy Aging: Not only will you feel younger, but promoting cellular growth means you’ll also look younger… Can’t beat that!
  • FORM 01945 Exclusive: Our heated classes are challenging, and a blast, ensuring you aren’t just going through the movements but truly enjoying every moment, AND there isn’t anything else like this in Marblehead!
  • Optimal Heart Health: Elevate your heart’s wellness with every pulse.
  • Enhanced Circulation: Energize every cell, every corner of your being.

At FORM 01945 We don’t just follow trends; we blend scientifically-backed techniques with unmatched fun.

Try it out for yourself!